Eng. Md. Kamruzzaman


Mr. Kamruzzaman started his career in country’s top ice cream manufacturing company about 20 years ago. He worked there for 14 years. He led the expansion works of country’s top ice cream plants. He has participated in several International Workshops on ‘Dairy Processing’ including Denmark. He completed his higher professional course on ‘HVAC & Refrigeration Technology’ from George Brown College, Canada and worked there as a Teacher. He earned permanent residentship of Canada. Though he is an engineer, he has the experience of working in Production, Store and Supply Distribution departments. Later he came back to Bangladesh and joined in a Beverage & Food Manufacturing company. Then he joined in a country’s top ice cream manufacturing company. There he led the works of Engineering and Production works, he led the full renovation of the factory. His experience in the field is pretty much commendable.

S.M Momtajul Islam


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P.W. Gunapala

Head of Factory Operations

Mr. Gunapla started his career as a Dairy Manager under the Sri Lankan Government in 1969. Completed his post graduation training in Quality Management & Productivity at the Sri Lanka University institute of post graduate. He took several courses like FAO- UN (Course conducted by Government of Denmark & Philippines) held in Sri Lanka. Dairy training under ‘National Milk Board–Govt. of Sri Lanka”. In Dairy & Food, he completed his graduation from Industrial training institute of Sri Lanka Govt. Dairy equipment (Processing & Filling) maintenance Under TetraPak Ltd, Saudi Arabia & Sri Lanka. About Ice Cream–Course conducted by Penn- State University, USA held in Australia. “Industrial Electronics” course conducted by Govt. of Sri Lanka. Worked for “Foremost Mac-Cason Ltd”, (USA based Company, “Freezland International”- Netherland based company, “Saudi Ice Creams Ltd”, all in Saudi Arabia. National Milk Board– Govt owned Milco Ltd. – Govt. Owned & Tropifut Ltd, (PVT.) all in Sri Lanka, Senior Prod. He worked as the Manager in Abul khair Cond. Milk & Beverage Ltd, As the G.M.–Igloo Ice cream in Bangladesh. As the Plant Manager/Actg. G.M. in Northern Dairies Ltd, Nigeria. As the Product Research & Project development consultant in KDL- Kenya. He has played a vital role in developing the factories of Bangladesh’s top Milk & Beverage company and ice cream manufacturing company.